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For over 100 years, WALTHER-WERKE has delivered innovative electrical systems & solutions

WALTHER-WERKE, Ferdinand Walther GmbH is an international and global company committed to serving customers with innovative plug and connector systems. With subsidiary offices and distribution centers in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, and Austria, cooperatively working with agents located in more than 70 other countries, product accessibility and support are available to equipment manufacturers, plants and construction sites worldwide.

F. Walther Electric Corporation, a U.S. subsidiary of WALTHER-WERKE, is headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey. Walther manufacturers UL Listed IEC60309 Plugs and receptacles, Mechanical Interlock and safety devices, Heavy-Duty Rectangular Connectors, Power Distributions Systems, Portable Power Distribution Units, Cable Assemblies and Cable Bridges. We provide industrial electrical solutions to multiple market segments and industries including OEM's, food & beverage processing, marine & shipbuilding, emergency prepardness, broadcasting, entertainments/concerts, sporting events and alternative energy.

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temporary power distribution

Temporary Portable Power Distribution

Our heavy-duty portable power distribution units, also known as PDU or spider boxes, safely distribute temporary power where you need it, when you need it most.

Marine / Shipbuilding

Walther Electric provides power distribution systems for Ship-to-Shore, On-Board, Pier Side Power, Generators and Temporary Portable Power.

Food & Beverage Processing

Walther Electric provides power distribution systems for Refrigeration, Process Equipment, Heating, Wastewater Treatment and Temporary Portable Power.

Custom Cable Assemblies

RUGGED Cable Assemblies. We design and build cable constructions from the simplest cable to the most unique and challenging design.

F. Walther Electric Corporation

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